JAAPAM's aim is to energize, support and celebrate the worldwide cultural diversity through the Short Film World Cup, using spirit of competition and art as central values to foster togetherness and communication among all peoples.
It's also an opportunity for artists to show their art and connect with film industry professionals.
Short films are an art in themselves; limited running times, modest budgets and low media exposure ensure that most short films remain independent and hang on to their authenticity. Each screening, with its varied mix of short films from around the planet is a veritable window on the world - it's where cultures mix together through the wonderful medium that is cinema, never failing to stir our curiosity.
The festival also gives each country the chance to broadcast and exhibit its work, whatever its financial means. It gives all filmmakers and actors the chance to be seen and in turn allows cinema goers to discover everyone's work in equal measure beyond borders.

Join us and use your own voice!

JAÄPAM ľ The Short Film World Cup

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